Jesse Ronson, told UFC he wouldn’t make weight. Then he got cut forever.

(Former) UFC lightweight, Jessie Ronson, was a late replacement and set to replace the injured John Makdessi at UFC 231. As time is drawing near to this weekend’s UFC 231 PPV, Ronson saw that he wasn’t going to make the weight. He told UFC officials that he was heavy and was given the finger… Forever.

So much for, ‘Honesty is the best policy’.

After letting his fans know that he was back in the big show, his celebration was very short lived.

He took to his Twitter today and explained what happened.

“To answer everyone’s questions about my UFC situation. Straight up, no holding back, here it is-

Tuesday morning I woke up 177.4. After eating a small meal and drinking 500ml of water, I was 178.8 I did an easy workout in Hamilton for an hour and got down to 175.2, where I went to Toronto for UFC check-in.

I was asked how I felt and how everything was. I told them right from the beginning, “I’m heavy and worried about making weight”. They did check-in weight and proceeded as usual. I spoke with UFC PI nutritionist, Clint. Told him about my BCAA diet and the diet plan i’m currently on and what my plans were to cut and make weight. Showed him all my supplements, etc.

After a lengthy chat it was evident I wasn’t going to make the 156 limit in my depleted state and that I would only hurt myself doing so. If I missed (weight), the fight could be called off and I’d look like a bigger idiot. Or, it may happen but I’ll have done too much dehydrating and wouldn’t be able to fight worth shit.

So, he suggested I seek a catchweight and inform the UFC, as a professional, that 156 wasn’t going to happen. Be truthful and honest and dont dick them around; See if they go for it. I told my manager all of this and he called Sean Sshelby and pleaded my case.

The return answer I got was “No catchweight. Fight is off. Your contract has been rescinded and you’ll never fight for the UFC again.” Done.

I’m slightly stunned and shocked, still, at that statement. It’s aggressive but you can’t fuck around at the highest level. I will still say, thank you UFC for the opportunity. Hhopefully that was just heat of the moment anger talk/decisions Mr.Shelby, Sorry I couldn’t come through for you.

Good luck with the show this weekend UFC.”