Jessica Eye had a lot to say and it wasn’t pretty for Paige VanZant

Jessica Eye aired out her grievances about Paige VanZant on Facebook Live and it wasn’t pretty. She had a lot to say about ‘America’s Sweetheart’ and was clearly frustrated at her current situation. The two were originally scheduled to square off at UFC 216, but VanZant pulled out of the fight due to an injury. They were supposedly rescheduled to fight again sometime this year, but apparently, now that isn’t happening either.

“I told Paige, ‘Alright let’s do it’ and she says the same thing. She verbally agrees. The contract comes over and we sign. The fight is fully signed for October 7th. So, from there, a couple weeks before it’s about to happen, Paige pulls out due to a back injury; Which we totally understand. Injuries happen.

We said that we’ll wait for that fight. A lot of girls were out and couldn’t fight, so there’s virtually no one else for us to fight at the moment. A fight was made so a fight should happen. As a woman and a professional, Paige and I both agreed to that fight, knowing what might be at stake and what might not be at stake.

So a couple months later the contract comes through. I signed my contract to fight Paige VanZant, again.

I received a phone call today that Paige VanZant, not this time is injured, but is refusing to fight me.

We have a legal signed document that we agreed upon that I signed for you. You agreed, as a professional and as a woman, to fight me because you’re an athlete and you’re a professional fighter. That’s what professional fighters do and we don’t run from each other.

It doesn’t matter what you did at 115 pounds and it doesn’t matter what I did at 135 pounds. All bets are off now and it doesn’t matter because that wasn’t 125 pounds. This is the new weight class.

You said that this fight does nothing for you because I’m coming off of a loss and that it’s too tough. Then why did you contact me originally? Why did you talk to the UFC and make them jump through hoops to constantly give you what you want? It’s unfair and I don’t care who agrees with me or not.

I appreciate all of you fans that do agree and all of you that don’t. This is my world and I live in it. You guys just watch it from the outside and it’s bullshit. It’s absolute bullshit that you can pull out of a fight for no apparent reason, other than you’re scared. That’s not cool and it’s not what we represent here as fighters.

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to promote as a public figure who has a blue checkmark? We’re fighters and we’re here to fight, not to be friends. We’re not here to be the prettiest, we’re not here to be the ugliest. We’re here to fight. And that’s what I came to the UFC to do, to fight.

It’s bullshit, Paige. And I hope you hear this.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that more than likely, she heard this.