Joan Jett to rock out during Ronda Rousey’s walkout at WrestleMania

Legendary rocker, Joan Jett, will make her way to the ‘Granddaddy of them all’, Wrestlemania. Jett will be performing her hit song “Bad Reputation” before the main event. The song is Ronda Rousey’s walkout theme and the WWE usually like to get bands to come and perform their commercial hits if it applies.

When CM Punk was in the WWE, Living Colour played their song ‘Cult of Personality’ at WrestleMania 29. This was Punk’s walkout song and the WWE will splurge once in a while to get a band to play their hit live.

Such will be the case again with Joan Jett. Her ‘Bad Reputation’ is Rousey’s song and she will bring the song to life when Ronda walks out before her main event at this year’s WrestleMania. Ronda is just visibly excited for it too.