On June 15, it’s back to business at AKA Thailand

We know, we know. You guys are just as sick of AKA Thailand being closed for quarantine protocol as we are. Well, good news, folks! We are back in business this Monday June 15!

The Thai government announced that the quarantine will be lifted and people can get back to work, which includes reopening AKA Thailand. We have not been resting on our laurels during this pandemic, either.
From our Instagram,

“There has been some serious remodeling going on for our June 15th re-opening! Expect brand new bags, mats, equipment and even LUNA air purifiers!” Same great AKA Thailand but with new equipment to use!

Also, we have been running a group training special for 30% off that will last a limited time. This deal will be coming to an end soon, so if you are planning on coming out, we suggest that you visit the main page at AKAThailand.com or email info@akathailand.com for more information!

We are so excited to be getting up and running again and seeing all of you on the mats!