The King of Corny, Henry Cejudo, takes aim at WWE’s Daniel Bryan

The ‘King of Corny’ is back. Henry Cejudo has earned that title over the last few years but he’s really taking it to the next level right now. He started in with Nikki Bella and she even responded in kind. Now, Cejudo thinks he’s sitting at the adult table and getting more and more vocal. He even took offense to comments made by the WWE’s Daniel Bryan and tweeted silly threats to Nikki’s brother-in-law.

Daniel Bryan is the WWE champion and considers himself a submission fighter. So, Cejudo went on Twitter and called out Daniel Bryan and Bryan took serious offense to it. He tweeted back that Cejudo didn’t want any of that smoke. And then the two started going back and forth.

Who knows what Cejudo is trying to line himself up for… A date with Nikki? A move to WWE?

All we know is that Cejudo might be the greatest man alive or the most ridiculous. The jury is still out on that one.