Tony Ferguson launches grenades at Khabib again. ‘I’m the champ, chump’

Unless you are living in a Rocky movie, you don’t really see the word ‘chump’ being used much more. That is, unless you are Tony Ferguson.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his agent, Ali Abdelaziz, have been all over the internet saying that Khabib wants the money fight by boxing Floyd Mayweather. Ferguson just wishes that Khabib takes an MMA fight and fans can see who the real lightweight champion is.

Ferg went on his social media and got the cogs turning in his campaign for a fight with Khabib. Basically, he just insulted Khabib and told him to not go the boxing route. Fans want this fight too. However, after all the previous mishaps between the two, Dana White better have a follow-up fighter, just in case.