This whole ‘Logan Paul to the UFC’ is way too out of control

Logan Paul doing anything outside of making YouTube videos and boxing other YouTubers is a terrible idea. The UFC even considering Logan Paul as a contracted fighter on the roster is just out of control.

This douche has made a name for himself by posting dumb videos and grabbing the attention of kids and tweens. He has since moved to boxing a fellow YouTuber and he couldn’t even win that. So joining the UFC and attempting to take on the trained killers there? Logan Paul, you have to stop.

Granted, he’d probably still be more successful than CM Punk, but that’s not the point. UFC welterweights Darren Till and Sage Northcutt have both extended an olive branch, offering to welcome him to the UFC. Of course, Paul is going along with it because all he cares about is his social media following.

Please Dana White, do NOT make this happen.