First it was Lucky Charms and now it’s Proper 12 Whiskey

The initial exchange between Conor McGregor and Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was not a pleasant one. It was at a press conference in 2015 and Cowboy addressed Conor as only he could. “He’s real good talking out in front of the public but when we were all standing in the back up there, he had nothing to say. I stood back there for 30 minutes right next to him and he had nothing to say to me. He comes to 155, I’m going to bend his little ass over and knock the f***ing Lucky Charms out”.

Since that time, things have seemed to cool down between The Notorious and Cowboy. After Cowboy’s fight against Alex Hernandez last Saturday night, Conor McGregor tweeted to Cowboy and said,
“For a fight like that Donald, I’ll fight you. Congratulations.”

Cowboy seemed to like the tweet and hit up Conor and wanted to get their drink on together. “Don’t worry (Conor) I’ll drink Proper Whiskey at the Press Conference with ya!! Hell, I’ll bring the Budweiser”.

Conor then said it sounded like a party. This may possibly be the greatest build up to a fight ever. Just 2 drunk guys telling one another how much they love each other. Yes, please.