Luke Rockhold just laughs off Anthony Smith’s disdain for him

In an interview this week, Anthony Smith showed some real disdain for former UFC middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold. At the press conference on Friday, Smith laid into Rockhold:

“That guy’s a piece of shit. F**k Luke Rockhold. The first opportunity I get, I’m going to drill a hole through Luke Rockhold’s f*****g face. I promise you guys that.”

Luke Rockhold responded to the scathing comments made by Smith in only the way he can. Luke spoke to TMZ and simply laughed Smith off due to what he feels is the truth. Rockhold sees Smith not having the tools to beat him and the thought of even doing so is laughable to him.

Regardless, Smith has Alexander Gustafsson on the docket and Rockhold is fighting Jan Blachowicz before any drilling can be done. We’ll have to wait and see how this all materializes, but it sounds like the 2 are willing (and want) to fight each other.