AKA Thailand’s, Manel Kape, gets a lesson about soccer from Khabib

Move over, Daniel Cormier! AKA Thailand’s, Manel Kape, has taken your spot as Khabib Nurmagomedov’s new bestie! Manel received a soccer lesson from the UFC’s #1 pound-for-pound fighter and Kape really had no say in the matter. In a way that only Khabib can… He embraced Kape while talking to AKA head coach, Javier Mendez, and comically dropped knowledge that no human can keep up with. Manel never stood a chance.

Khabib will put his arm around whomever it is and proceed to begin the schooling. If you try and speak your own facts, Khabib will brush it off with a look of embarrassment for you. Almost like clockwork, he will face Javier Mendez and say, “Coach…”, followed by an explanation of how the other person is very misinformed and he is the best.

In this case, Manel was that person and the subject was soccer. Manel wanted to plead his case that he knows more about ‘playing’ soccer than Khabib. Khabib went on a 5-minute rant about knowing more about the ‘sport’ of ‘football’. The conversation goes only where Khabib wants it to go.

The highlight comes when Khabib rattles off the last 15 years of champion soccer teams. As he finishes, he says,

“What do you know about soccer? Coach, this guy… He wants to talk to me about soccer?!” Manel cuts in and says, “He knows results. I know (how to) play”. Khabib retorts, “You know nothing about football. You do not know how to play”.

Manel never gets a word in and his efforts were all for naught. Khabib maintains the soccer lesson and Manel has no choice but to listen.

Khabib: 30-0

Video taken from Coach Javier Mendez’ YouTube channel.

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