Michael Bisping was on Conan O’Brien, being Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping made his way into the mainstream by joining the Conan O’Brien show as a guest. He answered Conan’s questions and did what he does best; Be Michael Bisping.

He was sarcastic, laughed at his own jokes, and added a little bit of ‘dickishness’ in there. Bisping is always self-deprecating and he kept it up during his interview with Conan.

One of the most glaring differences from the norm, however, is that Bisping has himself an all new grill of chompers. He just had a ton of work done to correct his teeth issues. Years of getting punched in the face took a toll on his pearly whites and now he’s corrected it.

The middleweight champ speaks to O’Brien about how disliking your opponent can help you in a fight. He also goes on to talk to him about flying knees, expecting to be boo’d in America, and his fight coming up with Georges St Pierre. Check out the videos from Team Coco’s YouTube channel below.

Disliking your opponent helps

Bisping expects to be boo’d

The flying knee

Talking GSP