Michael Bisping calls ‘BS’ on gym accuser trying to sue him

If there is one person you don’t want to receive a verbal tirade from, it’s Michael Bisping. The accuser, Antonio Georgakopoulos, in the case of ‘Michael Bisping choked my ass out at a 24 Hour Fitness’ is really hearing it from the UFC champ. Apparently, this guy is a bit of an ambulance chaser.

Bisping spoke to TMZ and had this to say:

“What I will say is that the court case is not accurate. It’s not factual. He says I was arrested; I’ve never been arrested at all, let alone in Anaheim by the police department.

He’s not just suing me; He’s suing the UFC, suing Dana White, suing Zuffa, suing William Morris Endeavors, and he’s suing 24 Hour Fitness.”

To quote myself in the last article I wrote regarding this, “The guy needs to just take the L and move on”.