Michael Bisping wanted one more UFC fight. Instead, decides he’s done.

Instead of fighting one last time in the UFC like he had planned, Michael Bisping has said that he is done with fighting. Tied with both GSP and Donald Cerrone, Bisping holds the record for most UFC wins at 20. As far as having the most fights in UFC history, Bisping sits all alone at #1.

Bisping has been in the UFC for 11 years and is the main reason that MMA became popularized in the UK. He first appeared on The Ultimate Fighter on season 3 and won the competition. He spent the rest of his career winning fights to get to the top but kept losing title eliminator fights.

In 2016, Bisping fought Luke Rockhold as a late replacement fighter and defeated him, winning the UFC middleweight title. He achieved all that he had wanted to in MMA.

However, it was the Vitor Belfort fight that changed the career path of Bisping. Vitor permanently damaged Bisping’s eye and while it was fixed, it wasn’t really fixed. Bisping’s fighting style was a style that wore opponents out. Sometimes, he’d take a beating just to get his opponents tired and then win a decision based on heart and cardio. The excessive damage was probably what got him to the point of saying that he was done with fighting.

Bisping has one thing left to do in the UFC and it’s walking straight into their Hall of Fame.