Mighty Mouse hasn’t been paid by the UFC for showing up to UFC 215.

Demetrious Johnson did his job this past weekend and deserves to be paid. He showed up to UFC 215 to go to work and Ray Borg pulled out of their fight. For all intensive purposes, DJ did his part. The UFC, however has yet to pay him for his time. MMA fans got out their torches and were ready to storm the castle because of the injustice they felt had been done.

Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour listened to the fans’ concerns and asked DJ where things stood with all of this.

Helwani asked, “I’m wondering, as far as the UFC is concerned, are they treating you well? Can you tell us if have you been paid? Will you get paid? When are you going to get paid? Everyone is worried about this.”

Demetrious Johnson replied,

“I have not been paid yet. UFC and first-round management are working closely with that. In the past I remember this happened to Tony Ferguson; even Sergio Pettis. I was there when Sergio Pettis was going to fight Henry Cejudo and Henry pulled out the day before the fight. We’re trying to rebook this fight as soon as possible, which would be 20 days (October 7). I’d go into training camp for like 3 to 4 weeks.

Usually, if it’s a quick turnaround, then they may or may not pay the athletes. As far as I’m concerned, my black ass would be going to the bank to deposit a check right now. That’s up to the UFC and first round management now.”

It’s a legitimate concern, being that there is a history between the UFC and DJ. Upon hearing that Borg pulled out of their fight, DJ said that the first thing out of his mouth was, “How the f*** do I get my money? I came here get paid. Not to not fight.”

Johnson recently signed with First Round Management and he has been fine letting them sort out all of the mess that comes with being a UFC champion. DJ is able to focus on just fighting, while his financials are being worked on by the First Round Management team.

Still, though… He did his part. Pay the man his money.