It looks as if Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic isn’t retired after all

Retiring in MMA is basically a hiatus. No one really leaves. Mirko Filipovic proves once again that fighters can’t stay away from the fight (and money). RIZIN CEO, Nobu Sakakibara, announced on his Twitter today, that Cro Cop is coming back. Again.

Sakakibara translated this on his Instagram:

“The RIZIN GP 2016 winner Mirko Crocop will be returning to the RIZIN ring after a year. He has decided to fight in front of his beloved Japanese fans a few more times before he retires. He would like to continue to face meaningful opponents until he hangs his gloves. Keep an eye out for Mirko’s final chapter.”

Count us in. We’ll watch Cro Cop until he’s seventy years old if need be.