Missed John Moraga’s KOTN? Here it is and it is filthy!

Many people that tuned in to UFC 216 missed the Knockout of the Night (KOTN) from John Moraga. Moraga was coming off of a decision win in June, but an overall spotty UFC career. It was on UFC Fight Pass that led to a majority of MMA fans missing his fight.

Coming into his fight with the highly touted and undefeated Magomed Bibulatov, Moraga seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Bibulatov’s resume included a Grand Prix win and two flyweight titles in other organizations. It almost seemed like Moraga was there for Bibulatov to make his name off of. A win over a former title challenger can help someone’s resume immensely. However, it was not to be for Bibulatov.

Moraga landed a blistering left hook that floored Bibulatov and earned himself a $50,000 bonus for his troubles.