AKA Thailand Muay Thai Techniques: Footwork Basics

One of the most important techniques to learn in Muay Thai is the basics of proper footwork. The foundation for most martial arts begins with how you stand. The way you move can be the difference in how you perform techniques, both offensive and defensive.

It may seem silly that anyone needs a tutorial on how to stand. However, people who don’t know anything about Muay Thai techniques very much need a walkthrough of proper form and footwork. This is as basic as basic gets but it’s also the most valuable part of Muay Thai.

Establishing the correct foot placement, arm placement, and body placement can help result in success. If any technique is off, it could be disastrous. AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, simply explains how to set yourself correctly to punch (elbow) or kick (knee). He also shows the proper stance and movement to use your defensive weapons.

This instructional is a ‘must watch’ video if you have a desire to learn Muay Thai and want to know where to begin.

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