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Every single NFT, costing $800 USD, in this project will come standard with at least a Lifetime Gold Membership to AKA Thailand! This membership is priced, and is a top seller currently at $1,200 USD, and that price will rise to $1,500 on January 1st. This is the worst case scenario, so you never have to worry about being stuck with a useless photo if the project doesn’t magically rise in value. It will always carry a membership that will only go up in price over time.

Also, there are an incredible 65 Special and Legendary Macaques in this collection which gives you a chance to mint an even more valuable NFT at 1-8 odds. With 5 Mints allowed per wallet, even as investment buys, it’s hard to beat this project. The 5 Legendaries carry a $20,000 USD value and come with a Lifetime Platinum VIP Membership to AKA Thailand. Free Training For Life, plus all events and includes Full Gold package Discounts, to anyone holding one of these. Celebrity Status at its best.

No Gym Membership has never been in the form of an NFT. The advantage of NFTs is the ability to use and re-sale, trade or giveaway. With this project’s value and demand due to AKA Thailand’s huge following, it is very likely you can mint, use and sell after for even more than you paid originally. Though it’s an option, we don’t recommend selling these after, as they will become culture at the AKA Thailand and featured in all media and promotions moving forward. That will create demand for anyone not owning one. These NFTs will be the future of AKA Thailand as we begin to move into the Metaverse.

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Our official OpenSea Collection is live! We do recommend buying your NFT directly through AKA Thailand, as this is cheaper and gives you the chance at minting that special NFT! The public sale will be live until we sell out the full collection of 555 NFTs. But be quick as we are already almost there!

The steps in the graphic below outlines the steps that have to be taken in order to get your NFT. However, we know that for many this will be the first time getting an NFT. We are happy to help everyone as much as we can!

We have several ways that you can contact the team regarding NFTs, you can drop by the reception, send an email to or join our Discord Server!

CLICK HERE IF YOU need assistance!
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