Online reviews have AKA Thailand rated a perfect 5 stars

These days everyone has a say and are able to post their feelings for the world to see. On, our online reviews are spectacular! Our goal was to create a place fit for anyone and everyone. We believe in 5-star service at our luxury gym and the reviews have shown that we are doing our job well.

“I’m going to start with the communication before even getting to the gym. Big thanks to (Marc Bogutzki) who was very quick and clear in responding to the emails providing me with full details about everything I had enquiries about and he kept providing me with any info even after I got to the gym. Big thanks to Marc.

As soon as I got to the gym, the receptionists were very welcoming and sorted me out with renting my bike.

The Muay Thai, that’s what I call “Power” and “Progress”. Each and every session gets you to another level. The best training vibes and atmosphere, very friendly and helpful trainers. Looking forward to my next trip to this spectacular training resort.”

“Absolutely amazing and kind staff. Fell off my bike 2 days into my stay and they help clean and nurse my wounds for free. Best trainers and training partners I ever seen with some serious workout routines. If you’re in Phuket this is a Super Necessary stop on your trip.

“I went there in December 2018 and trained there for 2 weeks. I can say first-hand that Marc’s hospitality was top notch, the cleanliness was on-point and the facility is unlike any other in the entirety of Thailand; including some of the other known training facilities in Phuket and Bangkok.

I plan to visit AKA Thailand again in either August/September of 2020 and I can’t wait to get there!

Thanks Marc, Mike and everyone at AKA Thailand!”