Our BJJ/MMA room at AKA Thailand is top notch!

Our indoor air-conditioned MMA/BJJ room is a huge piece of the puzzle that makes AKA Thailand such a success. When guests review our gym, the room is always the first thing that grapplers say is top notch.

The largest air-conditioned MMA/BJJ room in all of Southeast Asia is a huge draw for guests. Many gyms in Thailand are strictly for Muay Thai but AKA Thailand houses all combat sports.

The room is cleaned 3 times a day to avoid the usual gym issues. There’s no staph infections, bacterial infections, or viral infections. The mats, gear, walls, and any other piece of equipment are sanitized for cleanliness. We have NASA-inspired air filters to round out the daily cleanliness routine to ensure that every time someone trains in our room, it’s like the first time that it’s ever been trained in.

Mike Swick definitely went the extra mile when creating AKA Thailand and our MMA/BJJ room is a big reason why!