AKA Thailand founder/owner, Mike Swick, confident about his fight with cancer

AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, has always been a man with a lot on his plate. From his days on TUF 1, to his UFC career, to building Thailand’s most luxury training resort; Swick has always had to fight for his achievements. Now, Swick finds himself in the biggest fight of his life; Battling Lymphoma.

Just like everything else he faces in life, Swick attacked the cancer head-on with intermittent water fasting, an organic plant-based diet, and back-to-back chemo treatments. Swick now finds himself coming out ahead of this and isn’t slowing down on his road to beating cancer.

Mike Swick certainly doesn’t want your pity, however, he does want your attention. His goal now is to bring aid and support to those suffering from this disease, especially the children. Going through this has raised his awareness about the devastating effects that cancer can have and he wants to give back to the children who are suffering through this horrible disease any way that he can.

For now, AKA Thailand owner, Mike Swick, is going to be chronicling his journey while fighting cancer on his road to recovery. Follow him on his Instagram (@mike_swick), where he will be posting daily updates on his condition, training, and his diet.