Paige VanZant shares the cover of her new book coming out, called ‘Rise’.

Paige VanZant posted the cover of her new book, Rise, to her Twitter today. I was unaware that she had a book coming out, but it looks like it is about her path to stardom. It looks as if it documents her beginnings as a bullied young lady, to where she ultimately wound up (no pun intended). It is available for pre-order now and will be out in April of 2018.

On the book’s homepage, there is a description of what the book entails.


Paige VanZant is a rising Mixed Martial Arts star in the UFC’s women’s strawweight division and holds a reputation for her ability to defeat obstacles and brutal fights in and out of the octagon. Long before she was a fighting champion and household name winning over fans on Dancing with the Stars with her beauty, strength, and infectiously bold personality, Paige struggled with her self-esteem.

On Dancing with the Stars, Paige won hearts when she opened up for the first time about being bullied but there is so much more that she hasn’t shared until now. The journey that brought Paige to the UFC is a stunning story of overcoming tragedy and finding the strength and skills to defend oneself in the face of evil. Within the pages of Rise is a girl who was so severely bullied in highschool she had garbage thrown on her, so tortured she had to move hometowns. She sought refuge but nothing worked until one day, feeling spiritually broken and emotionally shattered, she visited her dad at his gym, and everything changed: she decided to fight back. She became Paige VanZant, a bone-breaking, head-smashing competitor and world renowned fighter.

Rise is the moving and inspiring journey of a woman who is not only one of the toughest fighters in the world, but also a beloved symbol of strength.

Paige VanZant shares the cover of her new book coming out, called 'Rise'.