The Patong Carnival kicks off Phuket’s peak season in style

Peak season comes up in late Fall in Phuket and it gets kicked off with The Patong Carnival. The carnival signifies the beginning of high season in Phuket and many of the locals make their living at this time. So, if you’re in Phuket during the beginning of November, make sure to check it out.

The description online of the carnival is, “The Patong Carnival its a three day event on Phuket Island that attracts more than 20,000 visitors every year. The festival is full of entertainment, sporting events, colorful parades, competitions, stunning performances, and live music. There is also a historical component to the celebration where you can explore the cultural heritage of Phuket represented through ancient exhibitions and old, rare photos.

In recent years, the Patong Carnival was united with the Seafood Festival, making the celebration even more enjoyable. Can you imagine the variety of delicious Thai and Phuketian dishes that would be there? That’s not all; the festival offers other Asian cuisines such as Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand close to November, don’t miss the chance to attend the Patong Carnival! It’s an excellent opportunity to become a part of Thailand, communicate with locals, and experience its spirit and traditions.”