Pearl Gonzalez and her opponent Barbara Acioly have a weigh-in ‘thing’

Pearl Gonzalez will have her second Invicta fight tonight against Barbara Acioly. However, Acioly looked to get things started early at the weigh-ins yesterday. It was almost a ‘thing’, but it was a rather weak attempt at any real violence. It was a little bizarre, as well, since both ladies shook hands right before.

However, Acioly may have felt disrespected by the staredown. Who knows? What we do know is that she reacted in a hostile way and even threw a lazy punch a Gonzalez. Gonzalez didn’t even flinch or seem to care. It looks as if she has only one goal in mind and it’s putting it on her opponent this evening.

Invicta FC 29 takes place tonight on UFC Fight Pass and is headlined by Sarah Kaufman vs Katharina Lehner for the Invicta bantamweight title.