Go to Phuket as a tourist, come back a trained Muay Thai fighter

Upon further review, the title of this article may be a bit misleading. It almost sounds like you can come to AKA Thailand and become a trained killer after one Muay Thai session. This isn’t what we are saying at all. What we mean is, if you come to Thailand as a tourist wanting to delve into Thai tradition, we will get you started on your way to beginning your Muay Thai journey.

The saying is ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. This is a statement that can be parlayed into any travel situation. When you go and explore a new place it’s a good idea to experience the heritage of wherever you are. In Thailand, more specifically, at AKA Thailand, we have a plethora of Thai-born Muay Thai trainers who can’t wait to teach you the traditions of Muay Thai.

This may not be in everyone’s wheelhouse but it’s imperative that any visitor to our little slice of heaven indulges in what we have to offer. If you go to New York, you must get a street vendor hot dog. When you visit Paris, you check out the Louvre. When you come to Thailand, you try Muay Thai and you do it at AKA Thailand!