All of our programs that are available at AKA Thailand

When you are coming to AKA Thailand, knowing the programs that are available here gives you a leg up before you even make the visit! Just because we are in Thailand it is assumed that we are just a Muay Thai gym. However, Muay Thai is only a part of our curriculum which is focused on fitness and health before anything.

Muay Thai

Of course Muay Thai is a large part of AKA Thailand and all of our Muay Thai trainers are Thai born. They teach the basics of Muay Thai as well as advanced techniques. Also, they are all well versed in the history of Muay Thai and teach that as well. It is the national sport so of course the spotlight is on Muay Thai anywhere that you go in Thailand.


Our 5,000 square foot MMA/BJJ facility is A/C cooled and equipped with top of the line Dollamur training mats, ensuring that we have one of the safest and most comfortable training rooms in Thailand. We also have another 1,500 square feet of A/C cooled Dollamur mat space in our 2 story fitness facility. Being that we are an ‘everything gym’ we believe in rounding out the teachings of combat sports equally. Our BJJ/MMA program is headed up by 3rd degree BJJ black belt and current mixed martial artist, Marcio Cesar Gracinha.


MMA is taught by professor Marcio and if he has time to get on the mats, Mike Swick. This is one of the programs most near and dear to Swick’s heart, as he is a 14-time UFC veteran. Swick is part of the original AKA team and he has implemented what he has learned from his years as a mixed martial artist into the program.


3 different types of yoga are offered for varying results: Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. Hatha is great for martial art students and anyone looking to cross train with yoga for an improvement in overall body flexibility. Vinyasa is a faster paced class with a dynamic stretching style with movements focusing on core areas that need attention. Yin is a slow-paced style of class with longer, easier yoga holds. Yin yoga poses apply a slow stretch to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints, advancing joint mobility and improving flexibility.

AKA BodyFit Fusion

The Airdyne Cardio Blast is a 30 minute interval training session suitable for students of all fitness levels. Between rounds on the Airdyne bikes you will work your way through various circuits from speed ladders and speed punching to medicine ball slams, bodyweight exercises, battling ropes and more. It’s a great addition to your regular training schedule, or a quality session to get out of the way on an active recovery day. Be ready to work HARD!