After being punched by Cyborg, you’d think Angela Magana would learn

After being punched in the face by Cris Cyborg months ago, you’d think Angela Magana would learn her lesson about running her mouth. You, like I, would be wrong. Magana once again took to Twitter and started in on Cyborg. Maybe it’s to hype her upcoming fight at UFC 218, but it seems like that would be misdirected.

After four straight losses in a row (two in the UFC), Magana is scheduled to fight Amanda Cooper next weekend. You would figure that Magana would direct insults at her opponent to hype the fight. Instead, it’s towards the woman who has already sat her down once before.

She looked like she had turned a corner when she began helping to raise money for Puerto Rico disaster relief. However, once again, here we are. There has been no word yet on why she decided to resurrect the Cyborg rivalry, but MMA fans have given her an earful for doing so.