Robert Whittaker and GSP backstage after GSP’s win.

Check out this backstage footage of GSP and Robert Whittaker after GSP’s huge win over Michael Bisping at UFC 217. With two of the classiest guys together it can only end one way; Extremely respectful.

Whittaker waited for Georges to congratulate him on his win. Dana White has made it clear that GSP vs Whittaker will be next and the two came face to face. Embracing, handshaking, and bowing all ensued between the two. Imagine the exact polar opposite of what you get with Michael Bisping and that is what happened.

Whittaker came towards the camera and expressed how he felt about GSP. In a joking and almost ‘Aw shucks’ way:

“I’m not going to fight him. I like him so much.”

Whittaker proving once again that you don’t have to hate and berate someone to sell a fight. I can already see it now:

Whittaker: “Georges will probably win.”

GSP: “No, Whittaker will win.”

Whittaker: “Stop it, you.”

GSP: “No, you stop.” *sips a glass of milk*.