Ronda Rousey joins funny man, Kevin Hart, on ‘Cold as Balls’

If you haven’t seen it, Kevin Hart has a YouTube show called ‘Cold as Balls’. You may ask yourself, “Why that title?”. Well, because the little funny man gets pro athletes and (Lavar Ball) to sit in an ice bath while he asks questions. Hart proceeds to lie about 3/4 of his experiences, however, his guests are forthcoming.

MMA superstar, Olympian, actor, and WWE champion; Ronda Rousey joined the show and dipped herself into an ice bath alongside Kevin Hart and fielded questions.

I’d just like to point out that Kevin Hart never gets totally submerged when he does these videos. He’s actually sitting on a stepstool and doesn’t commit to the process. This was the first time I ever saw him even think about dipping himself in the water.

Ronda will do that to ya.