Ronda Rousey’s full WWE segment from RAW last night.

In Ronda Rousey’s WWE RAW segment last night, we got a little more of a glimpse of how Ronda is progressing in her new career. The answer to that is, she is progressing well and pretty quickly.

For those of you who aren’t wrestling nerds, here’s what happened… Ronda and the General Manager of RAW, Kurt Angle, were hyping their match for Wrestlemania. While doing so, three ladies known as ‘Absolution’, came to the ring. They asked Ronda to join their group, but Ronda declined.

Then, Absolution attacked Ronda and she had to put them all down. The highlight came when the blond woman, Mandy Rose, charged at Ronda. Rousey executed a beautiful judo throw that saw Rose go flying.

Her MMA and judo base are really helping her adapt to the moves of the WWE pretty quickly.

Check out Ronda’s segment from RAW last night.