Ronda Rousey: “I really enjoy fine dining” (meeting with HHH of WWE)

At this point, I think TMZ live in a tent outside of Ronda Rousey’s house. These guys pop up everywhere. So, when she has a super low profile dinner with HHH of the WWE, they come from out of the shadows with questions. Like it or not, despite not fighting in over a year, Ronda remains the UFC’s biggest female star.

It’s no secret that Ronda has been close to signing with the WWE. What that entails, we do not know. Will she show up on a PPV for a one-off? Will she be on television once a month like Brock Lesnar? Or, will she be a full-time superstar like her pal, Shayna Baszler? These are all questions we have, but we still don’t have those answers yet.

For now, we have to live with, “Ronda may or may not be in talks with the WWE”.