RQMS Ep 14. Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt in studio with the guys.

Mike and Marc welcome their latest guest to the Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast. The guys sit down with the former UFC bantamweight champ, Cody Garbrandt.

The most impressive part of watching Cody Garbrandt on the show is his demeanor. After losing a title, some competitors can’t get it back together. Mentally broken and with a ‘poor me’ attitude, many fighters are just shattered. There is absolutely no wavering in Garbrandt’s confidence. He knows exactly where he wants to be and how to get back there. Even a 15-fight veteran like Swick seemed in awe of Garbrandt’s work ethic and drive.

Cody goes on to cover everything in one of our longest episodes to date. He talks about TJ, his rise to the top, his special relationship with Maddux Maple, his book coming out and so much more. However, there is a story that he tells about an ‘incident’ with Jean Claude Van Damme that steals the show.