Sean O’Malley breaks down the percentage of nanograms in his system

Reading Sean O’Malley breaking down the percentage of nanograms of an illegal substance in his system that he was busted for, is laughable. Again, because of flaws in drug testing, fighters are getting fined, missing fights, and suspended from competition. If you think the guy writing the article is frustrated, you should hear fighter frustration.

Sean O’Malley expressed his discontent via his Twitter:

“.08 nanograms and they pulled me off the biggest card, suspended me and fined me. One nanogram is exactly 0.000000000001 kilograms. For everyone who thinks I am stupid enough to take a banned substance before the biggest fight of my career, 🖕🏽.Thanks to the fans that support me.”

It is just not easy being a pro fighter anymore. Actually, it never really was.