Sean O’Malley out of UFC 229 due to failed drug test. I’m verklempt.

Sean O’Malley is out of UFC 229 due to a failed drug test?! I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I guess USADA is done announcing who has been flagged for a potential violation because they flag everyone and are wrong 90% of the time. So, Sean O’Malley came right out and let the world know because he wants his fans aware of the situation.

“I find myself in one of these exact cases right now. Even though under the new policy, my case would not be public right now, I feel it’s important to be upfront and honest with my fans about why I’m not fighting next weekend. I’ve been working with (The UFC) and I believe that we already have identified a dietary supplement that would have caused this. We’ve sent remaining samples from the bottle I took, to the USADA lab; As well as a full-sized bottle. I’m told the testing of these supplements can take as long as 30 days.”

The Sugar Show just wanted to keep his peeps in the loop as to what is going on. It’s a lot better seeing fighters revealing information as they see fit, rather than being called a cheat for six months and then exonerated of any wrongdoing. With USADA, they were always looked at as a cheat as soon as the announcement was made.

O’Malley went on Ariel Helwani’s show today and said that he tested positive for ostarine. This is the usual suspect in drug tests where fighters test positive due to tainted supplements.