Sijara Eubanks’ headkick KO on TUF, was pretty impressive

‘So-and-so is the dark horse of this competition’. ‘This is a very interesting fight’. ‘That’s the best KO we’ve ever seen’. Sijara Eubanks embodied all of those overused phrases last night on TUF. If you haven’t been watching, yes, it’s the same story that it has always been.

The only things different are the fights that happen and last night was a good one. Sijara Eubanks took on DeAnna Bennett in the quarterfinals and the ladies threw down.

Ultimately, Eubanks landed a clean headkick that put Bennett out. According to Dana White, it was “One of the best knockouts you will ever see on The Ultimate Fighter”. What they didn’t show in this replay was Bennett totally out of it. She didn’t know that the fight was over and was knocked for a loop. Then, she drowned her sorrows by eating a huge piece of roast beef.

Eubanks continues to impress on the show, as the BJJ black belt keeps doing work. She is one fight away from the finale and takes on Roxy Modafferi next.