Someone spoke too soon. Cub Swanson says he’s not fighting Aldo at 233

Someone is getting fired for their gaffe in announcing Cub Swanson vs Jose Aldo fighting at UFC 233. Actually, not really. Just blame the media for grabbing a rumor and running with it. Swanson took to his Twitter and let his fans know that this was a mistake and would not be taking part in UFC 233.

Aldo is a fight that Cub has wanted for some time, however, not to avenge his loss to Aldo in WEC. Rather, it was always for the UFC featherweight title. Without the strap, the fight didn’t make much sense for Cub. Now that there are no title implications and this is just a fight for relevance, it makes more sense than ever.

Hopefully, Cub will get this fight, but on the ESPN card in January. As for them fighting at UFC 233, it was only a dream.