Sweaty Darren Till back on social media doesn’t care about what you think

Darren Till made his way back on to social media after having brushes with the law and damnit, he’s sweaty! Not only is he sweating bullets while looking kind of like Captain America but he doesn’t seem to be interested in what fans think of his recent out-of-the-cage shenanigans.

Clearly, he’s been getting negative messages from fans who disapprove of his lifestyle and he summed up what he thinks about them in 4 words:

“F**k What You Think”

Till was reported to have destroyed a hotel room and then stole a taxi before being arrested a couple of weeks ago. In a very subtle jab but with much defiance, Till put a ‘Taxi’ emoji in his post. The welterweight title contender doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks about him.


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Fuck what you think 🚕💭💭

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