Swick UFC Fight Pass

AKA Thailand owner, Mike Swick, featured on UFC Fight Pass!

Owner/founder of AKA Thailand, Mike Swick, is now featured on UFC Fight Pass! They’ve done a ‘Where are They Now?’ segment with the former UFC and TUF 1 star-turned-business-owner, documenting what Swick has been up to since his UFC departure. The segment details Swick’s UFC journey, as well as his passion in creating one of the world’s most luxury destination gyms.

Mike Swick helped launch the UFC’s popularity with his participation on the first season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. UFC President, Dana White, has gone on record saying that he wishes he could put the entire cast from that season into ‘The UFC Hall of Fame’ for their contributions in helping the UFC go mainstream. Everyone from season 1 got to fight in the UFC but not everyone saw the same success as Swick. He went on to fight in the promotion for 10 years and 15 fights. With an explosive style and always looking for the knockout, Swick was an absolute fan favorite.

While on the tail end of his UFC career, Swick began working on his dream of building the mother of all gyms, AKA Thailand. While he hit some bumps in the road, his dream became a reality. Now, living and working in Phuket, Swick owns one of the premier destination gyms in the world. The UFC Fight Pass show details how AKA Thailand came to be, through Swick’s vision.

Go check out the ‘Where are They Now?’ show, featuring Mike Swick on UFC Fight Pass to see his full story!