Mike Swick says to not panic, be safe, and come enjoy AKA Thailand

By no means is our founder, Mike Swick, the foremost authority on global pandemics. However, he seems to be one of the more sensible people by urging you to just be safe, be smart, and continue to enjoy life.

People seem to be getting so caught up in the potential dangers of the Corona Virus that they are ceasing to go out and live. You don’t stop your life when a flu virus is going around, you just be more cautious. The same goes with Corona. Just be smart and you’ll be okay.

Swick took to his IG and gave an updated status on the state of AKA Thailand.

“If you are planning to come to Thailand, in my opinion, come! Be safe, take precautions and just please don’t panic! I am shocked at what I am seeing out there in the world. It never helps to panic in any situation. We are all still here, training every day and living life. Don’t let something you can control, control you.”


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Be smart with your hygiene and do whatever you’d normally do to avoid the flu. Boost your immune system, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, etc.

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