Mike Swick goes over the triangle choke setup for MMA

Mike Swick demonstrates the setup for a triangle choke in MMA. It’s very different than straight BJJ for the most obvious reasons; Defending punches. Swick shows how to get the triangle started when you are on your back while trying not to take damage.

Attempting a triangle during an MMA fight can be both dangerous or advantageous for whoever is trying it. When you have your back to the canvas, normally punches are being dropped on your face. If you go for the triangle, it certainly isn’t the same as just a pure BJJ match.

Obviously you have to fight the wrists of the opponent on top to stop them from punching you, as well as to work for the submission. Swick shows how to do this while taking minimum damage. Doing this setup technique negates your opponent’s offense and will quickly put them on the defensive instead.