Luke Rockhold just laughs off Anthony Smith’s disdain for him

In an interview this week, Anthony Smith showed some real disdain for former UFC middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold. At the press conference on Friday, Smith laid into Rockhold: “That guy’s a piece of shit. F**k Luke Rockhold. The first opportunity I get, I’m going to drill a hole through Luke Rockhold’s f*****g face. I promise […]

Turinabol still in Jon Jones’ system. Anthony Smith doesn’t care

Jon Jones is made up of blood, bone, and picograms of Turinabol. Apparently, Turinabol stays in your system and hides from tests then reappears when it feels like it. Just like Herpes. It was reported yesterday that once again there were traces of this banned substance in Jones’ system at the UFC 232 weigh-in drug […]

Provided Jon Jones gets licensed, he’ll fight Anthony Smith at UFC 235

Provided Jon Jones can get licensed in Las Vegas, he’s set to face off with Anthony Smith at UFC 235; At least, that’s the word from Dana White. White spoke to TMZ and revealed their plans. “Later this month, Jon Jones will file an application for licensure with the NSAC in order to compete at […]