“Lesnar’s done. He’s retired” says Dana White. DC to now face Stipe again

Dana White said that Brock Lesnar is done with MMA. This spoils the plan that Daniel Cormier had to go out on a high note by making a truckload of cash. White came out and said that DC and Stipe Miocic have agreed to run it back again instead. White spoke to ESPN and shared […]

Nick Diaz’ recent rant about the UFC is reminiscent of the old Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz took to social media to rant about the UFC title picture. It was out of left field and bizarre; Very reminiscent of how Nick used to talk when the cameras were on him all of the time. Diaz directed his feelings at Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar, and Dana White. This alone was even […]

It’s Monday and all anyone is talking about is DC and Brock Lesnar

You may hate the way that Brock Lesnar does things, but I must say, he gets stuff done. Since he invaded the cage after Daniel Cormier’s historic win at UFC 226, it’s all anyone is talking about on this Monday afternoon. Many of the complaints have been about how WWE-ish it felt. However, one day […]