If it’s on the UFC site, it’s official. Weidman vs Rockhold 2 at MSG

If it’s on the official UFC website, MMA media need to treat that news as gospel. The latest news that they revealed is that Luke Rockhold vs Chris Weidman will take place on November 3. The site hosting UFC 230 will be Madison Square Garden. Thomas Gerbasi for UFC.com reported the news. “The long-awaited rematch […]

‘Weidman’s World’ sneak peek. Chris Weidman with the Islanders

Former UFC middleweight champ, Chris Weidman, has a show coming out. ‘Weidman’s World’ offers a sneak peek into his time with the New York Islanders. It sounds like he tries their sport and they try his. It also sounds like Weidman played some pranks on the guys and hilarity ensued. Check it out. It is […]