Mike Perry’s girl responds to Covington’s rude remarks via IG

If anything else, Colby Covington has proved that he is rude and obnoxious. His videos and tweets that he has been putting out have been some of the most classless ones that we’ve ever seen in the sport. After Mike Perry lost the other night, Covington went on his Twitter and set the bar as […]

Ben Saunders is the real one. Wants Colby Covington’s head.

Killa B, Ben Saunders, is a real ass dude. He is one of the nicest and most respectful guys in the sport of MMA. However, crossing him is not a good idea. That is what Colby Covington did after making disparaging remarks about Saunders’ mentor, Ricardo Liborio. Saunders has gone on social media and all […]