We can get you to AKA Thailand quickly and easily, RIGHT NOW!!

Yes you can! With all of the messages we are getting, it’s obvious people are itching to train at AKA Thailand. However, most people are unwise to what travel protocol is right now. Well, we have good news! You absolutely can see us at AKA Thailand AND we can assist you in getting here both […]


Mike Swick talks about using your TIME wisely and positively

If there is one thing that AKA Thailand founder/owner Mike Swick is, it’s positive. During our government-imposed hiatus, Swick has been chatting online with fans and leaving messages of positivity out there. He has clearly showed his passion for people and the human spirit. His message today is about time and how to embrace it […]


AKA Thailand was the first gym in Phuket to close down for social distancing

Social distancing wasn’t even a thing last week but today, it is a way of life. The Coronavirus has spread in a way that officials all over the globe are trying to nip it in the bud. The Thai government executed an order for all schools and gyms to be shut down until further notice […]

A message from AKA Thailand founder/CEO Mike Swick

A message from AKA Thailand founder/CEO Mike Swick about the current state of the gym: “With the growing spread of COVID_19(Coronavirus) around the world, I have made the decision to support the slowing of this pandemic by closing all classes at @AKAThailand to the public. We could institute fever guns, more hand sanitizer and demand […]