Dana White wanted Greg Hardy fighting soon and it’s happening on Aug 7

Dana White had stated that he wanted Greg Hardy fighting again soon. Dana said this after Hardy won his fight on Dana’s Contender Series. now, it looks as if it’s going to happen and soon. Ariel Helwani first reported the news that Hardy is set to fight on the Contender Series again. This time on […]

Dana White shoots down ‘Dumbest s**t ever’ recent Floyd vs Conor rules

The last few days, reports have been leaked on every major media outlet that there would be certain rules in a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor UFC fight. Essentially, “people” were claiming that the fight was being made, but only with modified rules. the rules were that it would basically be a boxing match with […]

Dana White Calls Brian Ortega. Tells him that he’s fighting for FW title

There must be nothing quite like getting called by Dana White, personally, to tell you that you will be fighting for the title. That is exactly what happened to Brian Ortega yesterday. The big boss-man, Dana White, called Brian Ortega and Rener Gracie began filming because they knew what was coming. Dana told Ortega that […]

Eddie Alvarez to Dana White: “We ain’t friends til (Super Bowl) is over”

Eddie Alvarez went ham on Dana White. Dana is a known New England Patriots fan. Eddie Alvarez is part of the insane fan base in Philadelphia. The Eagles play the Patriots in the Super Bowl this weekend. It looks as if boss and employee will have to wait until after the big game to renew […]

Bob Arum: Dana getting into boxing, is admitting it’s more popular.

I’m starting to see why Dana White thinks Bob Arum is more like ‘Sideshow’ Bob Arum. Ol Bobby spoke to TMZ and said Dana was admitting that boxing is more popular than MMA because Dana wants to dabble in it. Look, just because I think another man is handsome, it doesn’t mean I want to […]

Sad ‘bullied kid’ video goes viral. Turns out REAL bad.

fact, ‘Keaton’ is now trending #1 in America. Even UFC President Dana White tweeted out his heartbreaking feelings about it. Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how […]

Shockingly, fans seem to be done with Conor and Dana’s love for him.

As I shockingly read through the comments on MMA Junkie’s YouTube video, I thought, “Damn, fans are sick of McGregor and Dana’s love for him”. At one point, all fans did was talk about how Conor McGregor was the greatest of all time. Now it seems that they are fed up with him never defending […]