AKA Thailand Airdyne circuit training coach, Dillon Croushorn, Muay Thai fight

The coach in charge of AKA Thailand’s Airdyne circuit training is Dillon Croushorn. If you take part in the Airdyne class then you are well aware of who Dillon is. You would know him as the bearded long-haired guy who pushes guests past what they thought was possible. However, aside from him running classes that […]


Our Airdyne circuit training is still the best physical workout at AKA Thailand

When it comes to physical fitness at AKA Thailand, we have you covered with all of our offered programs. However, our Airdyne circuit training is the crown jewel when trying to get insane cardio. Dillon Croushorn takes everyone through the entire training regimen. When guests are done with the workout, usually it’s Dillon that hears […]

Tyron Woodley and Mike Swick have a private pad hitting session

During Tyron Woodley’s stay at AKA Thailand he is getting ready for his UFC fight in March. Mike Swick and Tyron took their workout to the beach and had themselves a private pad hitting session. Normally on the weekends the trainers at AKA Thailand take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. […]

Busy Time for AKA Thailand’s Pro Muay Thai Team

A very busy next couple of weeks for our AKA Thailand Pro Muay Thai team. 3 of AKA Thailand’s top muay thai fighters are due to step into the ring. Dillon Croushorn and Jayy Tonkin are fighting this Sunday (Jan 31st)  and Teresa Wintermyr will be fighting on Saturday (Feb 6th). All have been training very hard […]