The UFC makes Cain Velasquez’ return official, via social media

While we did announce the return of Cain Velasquez and his new 4-fight contract the other day, the UFC made it official today. Once they post via social media, it’s set in stone. Cain Velasquez will be in the headliner fight against Francis Ngannou on the ESPN UFC Phoenix card. It’s set to take place […]

UFC Fight Night Beijing Results. 2 lethal KO’s in the co-main and main

With heavyweight in both the main and co-main events odds were high that we’d see a couple of knockouts. As it turned out, we were treated to 2 absolutely lethal KO’s. UFC Fight Pass Main Card Francis Ngannou def. Curtis Blaydes via TKO. Rd 1, 0:44. Alistair Overeem def. Sergey Pavlovich via TKO. Rd 1, […]

Miocic says UFC is only hyping Ngannou. Ngannou: “That’s a boosheet”.

Straight out of the Wallid Ismael handbook, Francis Ngannou calls ‘boosheet’ on Stipe Miocic’s claim that the UFC is hyping only Ngannou. TMZ once again gets the great interview, but then ruins it with a clickbait title. “UFC’s Francis Ngannou Blasts Stipe Miocic: Keep Whining … You’re Done!” Um, nobody said that. What was actually […]

DC’s message to anyone snoozing around him: “Nobody’s safe”

God forbid Daniel Cormier catches you snoozing anywhere in his presence. He’s even been bragadocious about how he will mess with you if you get too comfy. If it was you or I, then yes, I’d understand him screwing with someone. However, his most recent victim was the UFC heavyweight killing machine, Francis Ngannou. It […]