Jon Jones wants to be better and Daniel Cormier is his example

Daniel Cormier is known to lead by example. He’s shown to be a shining example of how to carry yourself both inside and outside of the cage. He has inspired millions but no one would have ever thought that one of those people would be Jon Jones. According to Damon Martin at Jones spoke […]

Cain Velasquez confident he’d beat Jon Jones, or anybody for that matter

Cain Velasquez finally makes his long-anticipated return to the Octagon this weekend against Francis Ngannou. While Cain was out, things were very quiet on the Velasquez front. Now that he’s about to be in the spotlight again, he’s beginning to show how confident he is in his skills and career. Basically, whoever wants it can […]

Turinabol still in Jon Jones’ system. Anthony Smith doesn’t care

Jon Jones is made up of blood, bone, and picograms of Turinabol. Apparently, Turinabol stays in your system and hides from tests then reappears when it feels like it. Just like Herpes. It was reported yesterday that once again there were traces of this banned substance in Jones’ system at the UFC 232 weigh-in drug […]

Provided Jon Jones gets licensed, he’ll fight Anthony Smith at UFC 235

Provided Jon Jones can get licensed in Las Vegas, he’s set to face off with Anthony Smith at UFC 235; At least, that’s the word from Dana White. White spoke to TMZ and revealed their plans. “Later this month, Jon Jones will file an application for licensure with the NSAC in order to compete at […]

“Hold tight. I’m coming, princess.” -Rockhold to Jon Jones

Luke Rockhold is never short on confidence. Now that he’s making his move up to light heavyweight that confidence hasn’t wavered one bit. Luke is one of those guys who was killing himself to make a certain weight. With Rockhold stating that his middleweight days are behind him, he has a message to the UFC […]

Jon Jones with a no-so-friendly rebuttal to Miesha Tate’s criticism of him

After Jon Jones’ hearing with the CSAC the other day, a lot of fighters had criticism about Jones’ ‘life choices’. One, in particular, was retired UFC women’s bantamweight, Miesha Tate. Tate made a comment in an interview that she didn’t really care about Jon Jones and has lost all interest in him as a fighter. […]

The ‘other’ Jon Jones in hilarious parody video is a homerun.

He’s back at it, folks! The ‘other’ Jon Jones has come back with the ferocity of a jungle cat. He released a parody video of what it’s like to be the other Jon Jones and it’s a game changer. For YEARS, the other Jon Jones has been dealing with fan backlash for Jon Jones’ indiscretions. […]

Daniel Cormier urged his fans to not kick Jon Jones when he’s down

Yesterday, Daniel Cormier took to his Instagram and urged his fans to give Jon Jones a break. Jon Jones’ indiscretions have been well documented by the MMA media and he has suffered the wrath of fans. After his third time being busted for the use of an illegal substance, fans seem to have stopped giving […]

With DC vs Jones ruled a ‘no contest’, Daniel Cormier is champ again

After Jon Jones’ B-sample from UFC 214 tested positive for steroids, the CSAC ruled his fight with Daniel Cormier a ‘no contest’. Dana White informed DC that he would be reinstated as the UFC light heavyweight champion. Cormier had very mixed emotions about the whole situation. He felt that he fought and lost to the […]