AKA Thailand S&C coach Mark Mariani demonstrates the Spinal Wave

Coach Mark Mariani is the Strength and Conditioning coach at AKA Thailand. He came on board and joined the team very recently and is already making an impact with his unique body movement exercises. His most recent demonstration is the ‘Spinal Wave’ and it’s purpose is to massage one’s own spine. Coach Mariani has devised […]


Get to know AKA Thailand S&C coach, Mark Mariani.

At AKA Thailand, we want you to get to know the trainers even before you get to the gym. Our latest coach who has been added to the AKA Thailand family is Strength and Conditioning coach, Mark Mariani. Coach is here at AKA Thailand to spread his wealth of knowledge to guests and teach them […]


AKA Thailand S&C coach, Mark Mariani, demonstrates the Pop-Up Flow

AKA Thailand is lucky to have strength and conditioning coach, Mark Mariani, on board. Coach Mariani brings a different element to the gym than just combat sports. Sure, AKA Thailand is a fight gym but it’s also a gym that is focused on fitness. This is where Coach Mariani comes in! In the past, AKA […]